IDSA International Conference 2015 Seattle 

Design Learning Swarm


Problem Space

What if we were to reinvent learning on purpose – to ensure all people have access to public spaces where they can freely engage in meaningful content and effective interactions regardless of age, learning need, geographic location, or social construct? 

Anchored in lifelong learning practices, how might we develop meaningful educational pathways intended to offer every human being the legal right to health, justice, equity, creative fulfillment, and sustainable prosperity? 


Swarm Flow

First we will explore the backstory of the challenge, followed by quickly digging into each of the possible pathways below, to then select one in which to focus on via a Problem Statement

How might the public educate health care providers to take a more design learning approach to organizational change?

What if new subjects were created?

What if we stopped asking learners for answers and started asking them for questions?

Creative Fulfillment
How might designers, educators, and learners collaborate on a regular basis?

Sustainable Prosperity
ow might we support learners who are less educated, especially those who are at risk of ending up in prison?


During the remainder of the session we will:

  • Brainstorm Ideations (based on selected pathway)

  • Explore Alternatives (consider multiple solutions to barriers)

  • Apply Constraints (budget, resources, etc)

  • Develop Concept Solutions (infrastructure, timeline, desired impact, stakeholders, etc) 

  • Construct Sketches/Mockups/Prototypes (low fidelity, document process, etc) 

  • Prep for Pecha Kucha (hear from a local expert)

  • Frame Solution, Define Problem Opportunities (develop final presentation, 5 min pitch)

  • Deliver Pecha Kucha Pitch (winning swarm team presents to general audience on Saturday)


Facilitated by Doris Wells-Papanek, MEd, IDSA 
of Design Learning Network

In Collaboration with Arnold Wasserman of Collective Invention


Friday, August 21
1:30 - 5pm

Conference Hotel: Westin Seattle, Room Location TBD