Symposium 2016

In collaboration with Perry Local School District, please join us at the Design Learning Network's Symposium 2016. The event begins the evening of Friday, May 6 followed by a full day on Saturday, May 7.

According to John Hattie, technology can indeed increase the probability of learning, but there is no necessary relation between having/using computers and learning outcomes. Learning occurs when there is an explicit/transparent goal. Bottom line, there is no point in asking students to engage in technology activities unless there is some challenge.

Throughout this event, we will discover wicked insights into empowering learners with visual-spatial reasoning skills: the capacity to visualize ideas, transform spatial patterns into meaning, and articulate innovative connections via their mind’s eye – all essential elements of the Design Learning Process

Embracing a STEM perspective (and beyond), we will explore compelling pedagogy and proven pathways to integrate creative problem-solving and effective use of technology into existing curriculum by way of high-impact learning strategies.



Friday Evening, May 6

Saturday, May 7


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Limited to 100 seats!


Location and Accommodation

Perry Local School District is located 12 miles northeast of the Quail Hollow Resort—which is 35 miles east of downtown Cleveland.

Information on reduced accommodation rates will be available soon.